My Little Persian Potatoes

I was at a launch day this week in London and was asked by a delegate what nationality I am. When I replied that I am Iranian …

My Little Persian Kitchen Orange Blossom Cake

In an attempt to feel the joys of spring despite this cold damp weather we are having I have had a few evenings of playing around with some ingredients in my little Persian kitchen. This lovely little orange blossom & cardamom cake is the result.

Lazy Sunday Brunch – Sweet Potato Rosti with Poached Eggs

Sunday’s, in my humble opinion, should forever be a day of rest! I get very grumpy if I have to leave the house before midday on a Sunday or have to change out of my pyjama’s pre 10am! Thank goodness the postman doesn’t work on Sunday’s!

Torshi! (pickled garlic with barberries)

Iranians enjoy picked foods with most stews/rice dishes and kabab. You will find some wonderous and often unusual pickled foods in Iran from garlic to walnuts & even fruits like melon. I have never had pickled melon and not sure I want to but I absolutely love pickled garlic.

Cakes! A Life Long Love

I make cakes. A lot of cakes. Too often we throw cakes away that I have made as we haven’t managed to eat them. But, it is an unequivocal love for me, making cakes, pastries & desserts of any description really.

Salad Olivieh

This lovely, essentially fancy potato salad, originates in Russia and is a party favourite of mine and of most Iranians! You will find it on the table at nearly every social gathering or party and will nearly always be decorated with vegetables made to look like flowers…

Cardamom & Pistachio Truffles

My husband and I are both runners. Have I mentioned this before? Maybe not. Well, he likes to run in the evening and I like to run in the morning, as by 7pm it is a lesser known fact that I turn into a sloth and cannot condone any exercise at all. I prefer to use this time to eat really good food or chocolate! Judge me if you will. I judge me. I still do it….

Pressure Cooker Misshaps & Ghormeh Sabzi

I remember the first time I made this I was 18 and had just moved into my own house. My Dad had gifted me a pressure cooker for my birthday and I decided to try to make Ghormeh Sabzi….