My Little Persian Watermelon Slushie’s (and some very interesting melon facts!)

Did you know that Iran is one of the largest watermelon producers worldwide? Neither did I! And also, Iranian watermelon is considered to be one of the best varieties in the world! In the world! Can you believe it! And I always thought they came from the Caribbean! 

My Wimbledon Inspired Noon Khamei (Strawberry Cream Puffs) in My Little Persian Kitchen

This week has been absolutely lovely, not least because of the amazing weather we are having but also because I spent the day at Wimbledon with my team enjoying some lovely company, great tennis and wonderful food!

My Little Persian Kitchen’s Window Cookies – Nan e Panjerehi

My grandmother was a wonderful women. She had a huge heart and amazing spirit. She loved to cook and her cooking was incredible! To this day when my dad cooks he references her cooking and sometimes he will taste something that catches him off guard and you can see it brings back memories of his mum, my mamanie, and he smiles.

Lemon & Yoghurt Cake Recipe

This one is a request from one of my followers. It is a delicious dense, moist cake with a lovely delicate flavour and super easy to make. I haven’t made it in ages and wanted a fresher picture than the one I posted on instagram months ago so I decided to make it again this morning before work as I was woken early by birdsong…literally!

My Little Persian Kitchen Orange Blossom Cake

In an attempt to feel the joys of spring despite this cold damp weather we are having I have had a few evenings of playing around with some ingredients in my little Persian kitchen. This lovely little orange blossom & cardamom cake is the result.

Raspberry & Rose Madelines

The weekend started like this….

Me: “Kasper, you could help mummy make some cakes this morning if you like?”

Kasper: “Hmmm I could, but I’m not gonna!”

Cardamom & Pistachio Truffles

My husband and I are both runners. Have I mentioned this before? Maybe not. Well, he likes to run in the evening and I like to run in the morning, as by 7pm it is a lesser known fact that I turn into a sloth and cannot condone any exercise at all. I prefer to use this time to eat really good food or chocolate! Judge me if you will. I judge me. I still do it….