Garlic Soup Recipe

Nestled on a mountain roadside on the C77 in Valenciana en route to Guadalest (which can only be described as a bare knuckle car drive if you are of the nervous disposition like me) was this hidden gem of a restaurant ‘El Rui Guadalest’.

Kuku Sabzi Recipe – My little Persian Green Omelet

Kuku is a type of omelet similar to an Italian Fritata and filled with fresh chopped herbs. traditionally is was cooked over hot coals but now a days an oven is just fine! Ordinarily Kuku is served as a side dish or starter with salad, yoghurt and bread. They are delicious hot or cold and great for picnics.

Persian Flatbreads – Lavash Recipe

I love Summer. I love all of our seasons and how different they all are. I am however 100% more suited to Autumn than Summer for a number of reasons…

Easy Red Pepper Hummus Recipe

Not to brag but my hummus is pretty good. It has everything you would expect from a good hummus. It is garlicky, smoky, creamy and in no way at all dry, dense or sticky. It is also super easy to make and keeps for at least a week in the fridge and cheaper than buying shop bought.

Salad Shirazi Recipe – All Food Should Come with A Story…

I love telling stories. This is something that you may have guessed if you follow my blog. However, when I find something funny, it is a well-known fact that I have an inability to tell the story without laughing hysterically thus rendering me completely unable to complete my story telling.

Torshi! (pickled garlic with barberries)

Iranians enjoy picked foods with most stews/rice dishes and kabab. You will find some wonderous and often unusual pickled foods in Iran from garlic to walnuts & even fruits like melon. I have never had pickled melon and not sure I want to but I absolutely love pickled garlic.

Salad Olivieh

This lovely, essentially fancy potato salad, originates in Russia and is a party favourite of mine and of most Iranians! You will find it on the table at nearly every social gathering or party and will nearly always be decorated with vegetables made to look like flowers…