My Little Persian Limes & A Carb lovers Tomato & Chip Stew! Khoresht Ghameh

Khroest Ghemeh, as all Iranians will testify to, is a completely indulgent stew with chips and served with rice! So carb dodgers be warned! It is worth having an extra long run for though, just to indulge in this. When we have Persian Dinner Parties, my carb loving husband always asks me ‘can you make the one with chips?’

My Little Persian Kitchen Persian Lamb Kabob

Thank goodness for bank holiday weekends!! And this one seems to be starting with some sunshine amazingly! ๐Ÿ™‚ My husband asked me what I wanted to eat tonight and only one thing sprung to my mind… Kabob!

My Little Persian Koteletes (potato saffron and mince meat patties)

Although the name suggests ‘lamb cutlets’ these couldn’t actually be further from them. They are little potato and saffron meat patties that look like little hamburgers but taste similar to Kabab. They can be served with rice and salad or with hot fresh lavash. I enjoy them both ways and can eat them by the dozen!

My Little Persian Kitchen & The Copping’s BBQ Leg of Lamb

Now then, this is not my own recipe I am sad to say, however as soon as I tasted it I had to share it with as many people as I could! So from our friends table, to yours…. And thanks to Gem & Tim for sharing the recipe with me ๐Ÿ™‚

My Little Persian Kitchen’s BBQ Time – Joojeh Kababย 

The arrival of this lovely weather that we have been having lately has encouraged my husband to give his BBQ a bit of TLC. This outdoor grill has had lot’s of attention. They have spent hours together in the garage catching up about how much they have missed each other, how cold it has been and how cooking indoors just isn’t the same as the lovely smokiness you get from an outdoor grill.

Pressure Cooker Misshaps & Ghormeh Sabzi

I remember the first time I made this I was 18 and had just moved into my own house. My Dad had gifted me a pressure cooker for my birthday and I decided to try to make Ghormeh Sabzi….

My Lovely Little Persian Lamb, Advieh & Sumac Straws

I went out for something to eat in Watford last week with some friends and we went to a lovely little Lebanese restaurant. We had around ten different mezze plates and one of them was some little lamb pasties…

Persian Roast Chicken, The Perfect End To Thursday

After another busy week at work, feeling poorly and running & swimming daily, my body and mind are in desperate need of some TLC tonight and as I am completely enamoured by all things food it had to be something to eat…

1000 Followers! Yippeeee!!

I have loved cooking for as long as I can remember. I think in-fact it probably was my first love. There is something so satisfying ….