My Little Persian Chocolate Pots

It is a well known fact that I absolutely love this time of year. All the pretty lights, Christmas music and of course all the sweet treats make everything feel really magical.

My Little Persian Spice Blend – Advieh

Hello lovely readers. I had a bit of a kitchen disaster a few weeks ago and I completely ran out Advieh! This is possibly the worst thing I can imagine running out of at this moment in time. Not least because Autumn has arrived and the fact that all I want to eat is huge bowls of khorest whilst wearing PJs and slippers (the uniform of the working from home community!)

Halloween & My Little Pumpkin Stew

I love the crisp clear mornings and chilly nights that have arrived along with Halloween this week. We have always celebrated Halloween, even as a small child my mum used to throw the best Halloween Parties.

My Little Persian Limes & A Carb lovers Tomato & Chip Stew! Khoresht Ghameh

Khroest Ghemeh, as all Iranians will testify to, is a completely indulgent stew with chips and served with rice! So carb dodgers be warned! It is worth having an extra long run for though, just to indulge in this. When we have Persian Dinner Parties, my carb loving husband always asks me ‘can you make the one with chips?’

Khorest Bademjune – Aubergine & Lamb Stew

I am back! Apologies for being quiet over the last two weeks. My boys and I decided to take a much needed holiday and took a break from everything. It was absolute bliss! I do love escaping every now and again and switching off entirely but I also love coming home, especially to this lovely autumnal weather. It makes me crave massive bowls of comfort food packed with oodles of flavour!

My Little Summery Persian Loaf Cake

Well our hazy summer days have definitely come to an end and it has been anything but summery up here in North Shropshire for the last few weeks! It seems Shropshire has definitely got the memo about Autumn arriving.

My Little Persian Kitchen Persian Lamb Kabob

Thank goodness for bank holiday weekends!! And this one seems to be starting with some sunshine amazingly! ๐Ÿ™‚ My husband asked me what I wanted to eat tonight and only one thing sprung to my mind… Kabob!