Our History

A trailblazer of Persian cookery. Rebekah Jones was born in Coventry to a Persian father and an English mother. Rebekah lives in North Shropshire with her husband Darren and her little boy, Kasper. A self-taught cook and a Persian food enthusiast, Rebekah has a passion for bringing Persian and Middle Eastern food into people’s homes while showing just how accessible and delicious it is.

Rebekah is the host of regular successful Shropshire Supper Clubs and Pop Ups and she is the writer of the ‘My Little Persian Kitchen’ blog and My Little Persian Kitchen, due out this Summer is her first book. 

Rebekah loves to share recipes that she has found and loved; family recipes that have been passed down and recipes that she has created herself, with as many people as she can possibly reach. So, here her adventure continues, and we hope that it will be a long one.

“Sensational and imaginative food, beautifully presented.”

Alexia Gharagozlou