Pistachio Pesto Recipe

A lesser known fact…..I am a cheese hater! So, ordinarily I avoid pesto unless it’s homemade. This recipe is totally dairy free so  it’s great for my vegan and dairy free friends oh and not forgetting my fellow cheese haters!

This recipe combines two of my all time favourite cuisines, Italian and Persian.  The sweet and delicate flavours of pistachio nuts against the aromatic and intense flavour of fresh basil is a marriage made in heaven.

This yummy pesto is delicious on pasta, drizzled on fresh fish or salad or mixed into warm new potatoes. It’s even great on flatbreads before you cook them to pimp them up a bit!

It honestly couldn’t be easier and I promise that once you make your own homemade pesto you will never buy shop bought again.

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My Little Persian Pistachio Pesto


50 gm pistachios

1 small handful of fresh basil leaves

3 garlic cloves

A big glug of olive oil


Put all of the ingredients in to a blender and mix until it forms a chunky paste.

Add to cooked pasta, fresh fish, salad or new potatoes and enjoy!





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  1. I like the idea of using pistachios in a pesto.


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