Jelleye Anar – Pomegranate Jelly Recipe

Jelleye Anar – Pomegranate Jelly Recipe

The very first thing I learnt to ‘cook’ in the kitchen was jelly! Out of a packet, those little blocks of hard, chewy, way too sweet jelly that you had to dissolve in boiling water with a fork and would leave a sticky sugary residue on your teeth for hours after eating.

Nowadays when I make jelly it is an entirely different experience, however still has a touch of nostalgia about it. I prefer my jelly to be relatively sour these days and have a little sparkle about it.

I recently served these at my supper club as a palate cleanser and they were a big hit 🙂

This recipe is made using fresh pomegranate juice and traditionally is served adorned with edible gold leaf and pomegranate jewels.

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Jelleye Anar


500ml pom juice

1 dessert spoon of caster sugar

1 sachet gelatine powder

8tbsp boiling hot water


Mix the gelatine powder in to the hot water until dissolved

Place the pom juice in a pan and slowly heat (don’t allow to boil as you won’t get a good set on the jelly)

Add the gelatine mixture and sugar to taste.

Remove from the heat and pour into bowls and decorate.

Nooshe jaan !


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