The Supper Club

I haven’t slept brilliantly this week…I am far too excited about my first event this evening. My little boy asked me if I’m nervous and I told him ‘yes I am, very nervous, but excited also, and that’s a good thing as it shows how much I care about what I am doing’, a thought process that has driven me through my entire career in field marketing to date.  So, if you haven’t already heard, this evening will be my first ever pop-up supper club at Alderford Lake. I have 30 guests to host who have all decided to come along and join in the fun and explore a little bit of Persia through my food and try out a supper club.

I have been asked a question a lot lately since launching my supper club on social media by friends and followers alike, ‘a supper club?… What is one of those?  The name alone suggest that it’s late at night, slightly mysterious and the word  ‘club’ adds to this. Do you need to be a member? Is it invitation only? Where do you find them? All questions I also asked myself when considering launching one! So I started researching them and this is what I found out…

Supper clubs date right back to the 1920’s as far as I can tell. They were launched as a kind of experimental dining club in the bigger cities and were frequently attended by artists & intellectuals of that era. Agatha Christie was someone who spoke about her attending supper clubs frequently. They were formed from the notion of the ‘underground’ restaurants in Latin America that were set up due to the government restrictions and `American embargo’.

Nowadays though, supper clubs and underground restaurants are on the rise in the UK as more and more people want more than just a meal out, people are searching for a complete experience, one that gives them something that little bit different to the standard chain restaurant. The social networking element of the supper club is also of particular interest to people and the most successful of the supper clubs tend to have large tables rather than smaller private tables. Part of the attraction is meeting new people who share a common interest – food.

You can have a Supper Club anywhere you like. A home restaurant, a pop up restaurant, some people even have them in their garden sheds! These are the most interesting as they really appeal to the hardened foodie. They can be hosted by professional chefs & by amateur home cooks alike who are looking to bring their food to more people. Some people run them as a way to make additional money (no idea how though as I have spent out already!) & some to rebel against the over priced restaurants serving mediocre food.

You can see them range in size from some being as big as 100 people to some being invite only to as little as 4 people. They can be a permanent fixture and run weekly or some just once a year. My supper club will host 30 people for the next two events and I am also planning on some smaller more intimate events which will be invitation only.

My aim with these is to cook for people who I don’t know. To bring the food of my heritage that I am so passionate about to as many people as I can reach whilst at the same time having fun in the kitchen which is my favourite place to be. All of my ingredients are fresh and every single element will be prepared and cooked by me from scratch. The main flavour notes you can expect to taste at my events are Saffron, Sumac, Lime, Cardamom, Rose, Turmeric and more!

I have a full house for this evenings event and I am now taking bookings for the 11th August! I have sold 10 places already so we only have 20 available spaces left so book fast to avoid disappointment!

Finally, wish me luck for this evening! And have a lovely Saturday 🙂 see you on the other side!


Email your request along with number of places required and any dietary requirements to:

We will contact you to confirm payment details.

Terms and Conditions

Events must be prepaid in full before a booking can be made. We are unable to offer refunds on cancellations due to venue hire fees and once you have booked your chosen date, we are unable to move your booking to another calendar date or carry over any credit from a booking. If sufficient bookings are not received for an event, the event may be cancelled giving  7 days’ notice and the option of a full refund or credit for a future event.

Food Allergies & Intolerances

Some of our foods contain allergens. Please speak to a member of staff for more information.


Classes are centred around Persian Modern and Traditional as well as Modern Middle Eastern dishes.

Corporate / Private Bookings

Private hire is welcome and we can arrange special dates, upon request.  We can also create a bespoke menu for you or you can choose from Persian, Turkish, Moroccan, Vegetarian and Vegan with varied formats to suit your preferences.

Gifts / Vouchers

Should you wish to purchase the gift of a ‘Supper Club’ for a friend or loved one, you may do so via the normal booking procedure and you will be sent a voucher which can be given to the recipient. Please just state your requirement at time of booking. Vouchers must be redeemed against a published event within 6 months of being issued and vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash once issued.


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