Honey & Orange Blossom Syrup Recipe – And a rant about honey!

Honey syrup..

I watched a documentary on the honey trade the other evening. I am normally quite thick skinned, what a bizarre saying that is, I mean I’m sure we all have the same thickness of skin and even if some of it were thicker than others why would it stop you getting upset? I wonder where that saying came from? One to google later!

Anyway, I digress, where was I? Oh yes, honey!

So, I watched this programme and it was about the honey trade and basically what it amounted to was that a vast proportion of what we buy in the supermarkets believing to be honey is mixed with some form of syrup. Some rice, some corn and the worst ones are hormones given to bees which is actually dangerous for humans to consume. And don’t even get me started on the criminal activities surrounding honey! Full colonies of bee’s being stolen and being left to die in America and all for what? An extra few pounds. It makes me feel incredibly sad when I watch programs like this. Programmes that unfortunately showcase some of the poorer behaviours that we as human beings undertake, and all in the pursuit of the shiny penny. Unwitting consumers then buying a product that isn’t what they believe it to be.

I love honey. Yes I do use the word love an awful lot when it comes to food, however it is true. Honey has woven its way through my memories. Some of my first memories of taste were of honey on toast. When I had a cough as a little girl my dad would make me a hot chocolate with a tablespoon of honey in it and tell me that’s what his mum, my mamanie, made him, although I am sure he tried convincing me that she also used to crack an egg in his! The honeyed hot chocolate always got rid of my cough and sore throat and still does to this day. Desserts as sweet as you can handle all doused in a honeyed syrup and then as I grew into adulthood, honey in my tea and mixed into natural yoghurt or straight from the honey comb with a thick cream and fresh hot lavash for breakfast, for no other reason than I love the flavour.

Now as a mummy myself to a gorgeous cheeky little boy, I use honey when he is poorly, in smoothies, on a teaspoon as ‘sweety medicine’ if he has a sore throat, on cuts and scrapes or as a treat on yoghurt. The thought of it not being real honey and being a syrup of some kind or a product of some despicable criminal activity is really sad.

 I was blissfully unaware of the things that this programme highlighted. One of the many reasons that I actively avoid television is because it never fails to disappoint me and make me question why we do the things we do. Maybe I am over sensitive. Or maybe naive. I know the honey crisis is just one of another million other things that as human beings we have to add to our ‘things to concern ourselves with’ list, but as of now, before I ever buy honey again, I am making sure it is local honey, not blended and definitely 100% pure!

So in ode to my honey rant above I have made this gorgeous Honey and Orange Blossom Syrup to douse my breakfast pancakes in. You’re welcome!

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Honey and Orange Blossom Syrup Recipe


1/2 cup sugar

100ml water

1 tbsp organic locally sourced honey

2 tsp orange blossom water


Add all of the ingredients to a pan and simmer for around 15 minutes until reduced and thickened and sticky.

Great on pancakes, ice cream, over fruit or natural yoghurt or on waffles!

Nooshe jaan!


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