Cardamom Shortbread Recipe

Cardamom Shortbread Recipe

I learned to make shortbread at ‘Brownies’. I must have been around 8 years old and the first time I made them I was proud as punch. Not too dissimilar from now really!

I made lavender ones a few years ago and my lovely uncle said they tasted like soap! Not quite as successful that time round. These are much nicer I promise. They resemble noon nokhodchi in flavour which is one of my favourite Persian sweets however these are a lot easier to make 🙂

If like me, you are a fan of cardamom give this cardamom shortbread recipe a go they are yummy and will last you a week if stored in an airtight container.

Nooshe Jaan !

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My Little Persian Cardamom Shortbread Recipe


250gm butter

110gm caster sugar

360 gm plain flour

2 tsp ground cardamom


Heat the oven to 175’c (fan assisted)

Line a loose bottomed tray with baking paper.

Beat the butter and the sugar together until smooth.

Stir in the flour & cardamom with your fingers until a crumby consistency is formed.

Press into a shallow loose bottomed dish or baking tray.

Score into the shapes you want & press little holes into the dough with a fork and scatter caster sugar lightly on top.

Bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes, or until pale golden-brown.

Leave to cool and store in an airtight container.


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  1. Wow such a simple but wonderful shortbread. Love how you added the cardamom (:

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