Persian Shredded ‘not duck’ Lamb Pancakes – Chinese New Year

Persian Lamb Pancakes Recipe

Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese & Persian New Year have some similarities. Both are celebrated on a different day each year. Chinese New Year due to following the lunar calendar and Persian New Year marking the coming of Spring time.

Both are very familial occasions and both use food to symbolise luck, family, wealth and health.

Ordinarily I cook a Chinese feast to mark the occasion and also to teach our little boy about other cultures and the world around him. Although he learns a lot from myself and my family being Persian and my husband being Welsh, we live in a small town in North Shropshire and so it is important to us that he understands cultural diversity in all its glory.

This year however instead of doing the normal noodles and dumplings, I am playing with the similarities between the festivals and relating it to the food I am going to cook. I am taking some yummy Chinese meals and fusing them with my Persian roots. One of which being my little Persian Shredded ‘not duck’ Lamb Pancakes (recipe below).

Happy Chinese New Year! I hope it brings all my readers health, happiness, prosperity and peace.

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My Little Persian Shredded ‘not duck’ Lamb Pancakes


1 shoulder of lamb – cooked and shredded

1 red chilli sliced and de-seeded

4 cloves garlic

a good glug of olive oil

1/2 Sliced cucumber

Seed of 1 pomegranate

4 Spring onions

20 Chinese pancakes

1/2 Pot of natural yoghurt

2 tsp dried mint

pomegranate molasses


Pre heat the oven to 220’C (fan assisted)

Cover the lamb in olive oil, rock salt, chilli and garlic and cover in tin foil.

Cook for 30 minutes. Remove and baste and reduce the heat to 150’C and cook for 5 hours. Basting every hour.

Whilst the lamb is cooking slice the cucumber, spring onions and de seed the pomegranate and place into small dishes in the fridge for serving.

Mix the mint and yoghurt together and place in the fridge until ready to serve.

When the lamb is cooked remove and shred. Ensure you shred all the rendered fat also as this adds to the flavour.

Place in a serving dish in the middle of the table with the molasses, the yogurt, cucumber, pomegranate and spring onions and let everyone dig in and build their own pancakes! Nooshe Jaan!





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  1. Wow yum!! duck is one of my favorites, but never had it shredded before (:


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