Khoresht Ghameh Recipe – My Little Persian Limes & A Carb lovers Tomato & Chip Stew!

Omani limes are like marmite you either love them or hate them. I happen to love them, however, I ordinarily, believe it or not have more of a savoury tooth than sweet and normally lean towards a bitter and sharp flavour preference.

Omani limes originated in the Persian gulf and have completely dried out and lost all of their water content. You can use them whole , sliced or ground. I always use mine whole and pierce them. They are delicious used in khoreshts and tagines (stews).

In Persian cooking these limes are used to add a sour flavour to a dish such as a soup or a stew. You can buy them from most good Asian food markets and I have also managed to buy some online. Sadly I have yet to see any in the normal supermarkets in the UK though. However that may just be down to the area I live in. They have a really intense sour and smoky flavour. My favourite dish to cook them in is a Persian Stew with potato chips and beef – Khoresht Ghameh.

Khroest Ghemeh, as all Iranians will testify to, is a completely indulgent stew with chips and served with rice! So carb dodgers be warned! It is worth having an extra long run for though, just to indulge in this. When we have Persian Dinner Parties, my carb loving husband always asks me ‘can you make the one with chips?’

From my table to yours…. carb up!


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