My Little Persian Kitchen’s Window Cookies – Nan e Panjerehi

Persian Cookies – My grandmother was a wonderful women. She had a huge heart and amazing spirit. She loved to cook and her cooking was incredible! To this day when my dad cooks he references her cooking and sometimes he will taste something that catches him off guard and you can see it brings back memories of his mum, my mamanie, and he smiles.

When she used to come to England when I was a child, to visit, I used to watch her cook and tell her she was doing it all wrong. I am pretty sure she wasn’t doing it all wrong and pretty sure I was just being a bossy boot, a habit I have retained all these years later. The right of the eldest child!

I guess it is this. These little smiles, the memories and the way food brings people together, sparks conversation, and evokes a warm feeling inside you is yet another reason that I love cooking so much.

These wonderful little Persian pastries are new to me. They have been difficult to master and not for the faint hearted cook I warn you. My aunt gifted me this beautiful kitchen stamp and up until this point I had never tasted or heard of ‘Nan e panjerehi’.


I absolutely had to work out how to use it. It was a gift to her from my mamanie and now to me. If you find yourself with one of these and can find the time to make these cookies you must try! They are beautiful and taste so delicate it is really hard to describe.

Some tips before you go…

  1. Get the oil really hot and dip the stamp in the oil before dipping into the batter. This ensures the batter slips off into the oil easily when dipped.
  2. Only half dip the stamp in the batter otherwise you end up with the whole stamp covered and the cookie won’t come off.
  3. When you have the batter on the stamp and dip into the oil shake the stamp lightly to loosen the batter.
  4. Have everything ready before you start.
  5. Give yourself lots of time and patience!
  6. Have fun!

For my Mamanie. I never tasted hers but can only hope I have made her proud and I hope wherever she is right now she is smiling. I hope I haven’t made them all wrong!

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Nan e Panjerehi – Window Cookies



5 eggs

1/2 cup full fat milk

4 tsp rose water

1/2 cup plain flour

1/2 cup rice flour

1/2 cup cornflour

3 cups of oil for frying


1 tsp ground cardamom

1 cup of icing sugar

Dried rose petals to decorate


Make the dusting first by combining the ingredients in a bowl and set aside.

To make the batter beat the eggs, rose water and milk in a bowl until creamy then add the flours and beat well until smooth. It should be the same consistency as pancake batter.

Heat the oil well.

Heat the stamp in the oil first then dip half into the batter.

Plunge the batter coated stamp into the oil and shake gently until the cookie is released into the oil.

When the cookie is cooked (it will be crisp and light golden) remove with a slotted spoon onto some parchment.


Repeat until you have the desired number of cookies.

Leave to cool then dust with the dusting mix. Arrange on a plate and enjoy with a cup of Persian chai or an espresso!

IMG_1977 (1)


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