Joojeh Kabab Recipe – My Little Persian Kitchen’s BBQ Time

Joojeh Kabab Recipe

The arrival of this lovely weather that we have been having lately has encouraged my husband to give his BBQ a bit of TLC. This outdoor grill has had lots of attention. They have spent hours together in the garage catching up about how much they have missed each other, how cold it has been and how cooking indoors just isn’t the same as the lovely smokiness you get from an outdoor grill.

He has given it a complete overhaul in the last few weeks, from newly painted woodwork to new burners & lava rocks and as such it has repaid us by cooking to perfection some lovely meals.

I love BBQ season and will happily eat outdoors every single night of the week in the summer months. Something which does tend to happen from May through to September in our household! Thank fully I have a husband who shares my passion for anything grilled and will gladly don his BBQ apron and tools and set about cooking whatever I have marinated for us.

I have such lovely memories of BBQ’s at my Aunt and Uncles in Suffolk when I was a small girl. We used to get in the car at the crack of dawn, it always felt like such an adventure travelling for what was only two hours but felt like a whole day back then. The planning that used to go into a trip like that was incredible considering that nowadays I regularly drive a 7-8 hour round trip to work if I am needed in the office for a day without thinking anything of it.

I always used to love my Uncles saffron chicken and my Dad always used to say how much he enjoyed it and that it was worth the drive just for that!

On this occasion, the whole family went. My cousins and I spent a good deal of the day just playing in the garden watching the grown-ups chat, cook & laugh. I will never forget this occasion because it was the time when one of my cousins bit into one of those delicious chicken drumsticks and realised that the chicken was still raw!

I just remember lots of movement and the slightly undercooked chicken being swiped out of his hand straight away and him looking a tad confused. It was hilarious! I still laugh about it now when I make these and that was a good 29 years ago (at least)! Needless to say, he didn’t get salmonella or anything of the kind and my dad to this day always pre-cooks chicken in the oven before sticking it on the BBQ!

If, like me, you love grilled chicken and saffron, I urge you to try these. They are simply the best way to cook and enjoy chicken flat wings or thighs!

Joojeh Kabab


1 Kilo skinless boneless chicken thighs

2 limes

2 white onions

1 teaspoons ground saffron

2 cloves garlic

1 tsp of rose water

1 cup of natural yoghurt

½ cup olive oil

1 tsp of sea salt

½ tsp pepper


Place the chicken thighs into a bowl or Tupper-wear container that has a lid

Slice the onions and garlic and add to the bowl

Juice both limes and add along with the ground saffron, rose water, yoghurt, oil and salt & pepper.

Get your hands dirty and mix it all in. Cover and refrigerate for at least 24 hours. I like to marinate mine for at least 48 hours before cooking to let the flavours really permeate the meat.

You can either skewer or add flat to the grill. I prefer mine on a flat skewer that you can slice off at the table. It’s a real crowd pleaser and as I use the dark meat for this as it is moist and delicious.

Cook for around 5-7 minutes turning continuously to ensure cooked through and serve with fresh lavash and salad. Nooshe Jaan.



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