Easy Red Pepper Hummus Recipe

Not to brag but my hummus is pretty good. It has everything you would expect from a good hummus. It is garlicky, smoky, creamy and in no way at all dry, dense or sticky. It is also super easy to make and keeps for at least a week in the fridge and cheaper than buying shop bought.

Joojeh Kabab Recipe – My Little Persian Kitchen’s BBQ Time

The arrival of this lovely weather that we have been having lately has encouraged my husband to give his BBQ a bit of TLC. This outdoor grill has had lot’s of attention. They have spent hours together in the garage catching up about how much they have missed each other, how cold it has been and how cooking indoors just isn’t the same as the lovely smokiness you get from an outdoor grill.

Lemon & Yoghurt Cake Recipe

This one is a request from one of my followers. It is a delicious dense, moist cake with a lovely delicate flavour and super easy to make. I haven’t made it in ages and wanted a fresher picture than the one I posted on instagram months ago so I decided to make it again this morning before work as I was woken early by birdsong…literally!

My Little Persian Kitchen & A Baghalie Polo

It was a Saturday afternoon and I had been feeling poorly. It must have been 1990 (I remember, as this was when Stars in their eyes first appeared on our TV screens). My dad and I were sat on our blue velour sofa