Salad Shirazi Recipe – All Food Should Come with A Story…

Salad Shirazi Recipe

I love telling stories. This is something that you may have guessed if you follow my blog. However, when I find something funny, it is a well-known fact that I have an inability to tell the story without laughing hysterically thus rendering me completely unable to complete my story telling.

Since I was 9 years old my sister, brother & I used to spend Christmas eve at my dad’s. We always had a big meal, consisting of Ghormeh Sabzi, Lubia Polo, Salad Olivier & Salad Shirazi amongst a few other yummy things. My dad would spend two days cooking for us ahead of this and the house would be full of noise and food all day. It was lovely.

The first Christmas that my husband and I shared I decided to take him to my dad’s. We were all sat round the table and as is usual we were all swapping dishes and passing them round. My sister passed my husband a dish and he turned to me and whispered ‘what is this?’

So that you are aware I am now laughing as I type, as the dish he was asking about was a bowl of my dads salad.

Yes salad!

I wondered if I had miss heard but nope he asked me again and I ever so politely replied ‘salad!’ then I turned to my dad in hysterics telling him that my new and lovely Welsh boyfriend (at the time) didn’t know what salad was.

Every time I tell that story now my husband gets all defensive and tells me that he was asking if it had a special name. Well he was kind of right, it does in fact have a name other than plain old salad, it is Salad Shirazi and the recipe is below. You will find it on pretty much every Iranian’s dinner table with every single dish we serve. It is quite sharp in taste due to the amount of lemon juice used, and the mint adds a hint of warmth to the simple dish.

For my husband who will always be the man who asked me what a salad was called 🙂

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Salad Shirazi


Iceberg lettuce (optional)

Salad tomatoes


Red apple

White onions

Lemon Juice

Dried mint


Olive oil

Salt & Pepper


Chop, mix, drizzle, eat!

Nooshe jaan!


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