Torshi! (pickled garlic with barberries)

Iranians enjoy picked foods with most stews, rice dishes and kabab. You will find some wonderous and often unusual pickled foods in Iran from garlic to walnuts & even fruits like melon. I have never tried pickled melon and not sure I want to but I absolutely love pickled garlic. I love garlic in any form if I am honest. I had an interesting garlic ice cream once in Riga and I’m not entirely sure that I would eat that again, however I can highly recommend torshi!

The word torshi means ‘pickle’ and comes from the Iranian word sour. Iranians are not a huge fan of spice so their pickles are usually much milder than most Indian pickles and you will find that most are flavoured beautifully with seeds, berries & herbs.

The key with any torshi is generally like wine, the older the better. Some recipes will tell you to leave them for 10-15 years before eating which takes some serious pickling commitment I can tell you!

The below recipe is a really simple but tasty garlic pickle spiced with barberries which are a sour Persian cherry like berry. You can buy barberries from Amazon or any Persian/Asian food market.

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1 Kilner jar

12 whole garlic bulbs

3/2rd cup of dried barberries

750ml clear pickling vinegar


Sterilise your Kilner jar

Peal the outer husks off the garlic but leave whole

Clean the barberries

Add all the garlic & barberries to the jar and our over the vinegar. Close the jar and leave  at the back of your cupboard or a dark room for at least 6 months before using. The longer the better. My uncle has one that is 20 years old and its amazing! I love it with fresh lavash and kabab or cotelette.



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