Cakes! A Life Long Love

I make cakes. A lot of cakes. Too often we throw cakes away that I have made as we haven’t managed to eat them. But, it is an unequivocal love for me, making cakes, pastries & desserts of any description really.

I love how melodic baking is and the smell & sheer anticipation whilst they are in the oven & then the finished article (most of the time) is worth the wait. I say most of the time as sometimes I can do everything right & I’ll pull out a tray of brownies that are flat & rubbery, a Bara Brith (Welsh tea loaf) that you could build a house with it its so dense (in-fact I actually made a Bara Brith for my husbands grandfathers funeral & it was embarrassing it was so bad!) And then other times, magic happens!

My love of baking started when I was really young. My fondest memories are of icing the top of fairy cakes when they were cool enough & putting sprinkles on them & sticking my finger in the bowl when my aunt wasn’t looking! I was always so proud of these little masterpieces.

Me feeling very proud of myself! My son has this exact same grin when he bakes with me!

Then other times, much like nowadays, kitchen disaster would strike! I remember my mum making a Jam Roly Poly & leaving me stood on a stool watching over it whilst she answered the door. She heard me shouting & ran back in, low & behold the poor Jam Roly Poly suffered a timely end at my hands. Whilst putting my ‘helpful’ hat on, I decided that what this Roly Poly needed was some flattening. I got the rolling-pin, rolled the poor thing flat until all the jam came out! Needless to say it was ruined & never got to fulfil it’s jammy purpose!

So, because of my love of baking cakes, and eating them, every year on my birthday my husband bakes me a cake! He always lets me choose what cake I want, last year it was a Persian Love cake, a beautiful chiffon cardamom sponge with a rose-water cream. It was the single best thing I have ever eaten in my entire life.


This year I requested a Nutella cake & boy has he pulled it out of the bag again! It is amazing & I cannot wait to eat it later & share with friends.

This is possibly my favourite tradition of ours. Personally, baking & cooking is such a wonderful way to show people you care.

So, no recipes this time round, however I hope I have inspired you all to indulge & treat yourself & eat some cake this weekend, be it Persian, French or a good old Victoria Sponge, just cake in general! I will leave you with a little picture of what I will be enjoying later this evening courtesy of my ever so patient and wonderful husband 🙂


Nooshe jaan!

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In my next blog I will be sharing a recipe for Lubia Polo which is a lovely green bean & tomato rice so stay tuned!

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