Being A Recipe Busy Body!

Imagine being a 9 year old little girl telling your grandmother, who had flown over from Iran and was stood cooking in your aunts kitchen ‘you are doing that wrong!’. Well that was me then, telling my grandmother who had cooked daily for years that she was doing it wrong! And I do that now, I make notes on every single recipe I try out of a book and make tweaks and changes to flavours and seasoning and cooking times and I am a regular recipe busy body!

Well, this is my first ever post/blog and I am doing so whilst eating a slice of cake that I made last evening that my three year old little boy remarked tonight when he came home from nursery school ‘mummy, who made that lovely cake?’. Thank goodness he shares my love of all things baked & sweet, and I proudly said ‘I did darling!’. My aunt used to say that whenever I baked as a little girl I used to pose for a photo holding my  treats with a grin on my face that stretched from ear to ear…I still have that same grin when I open the oven and find something I have lovingly cooked inside it! I absolutely adore cooking for my friends and family and I love to share my food, recipes and tips I have learnt along the way which is why I have set up this blog. I would love to share recipes that I have found and loved , family recipes that have been passed down and recipes I have created myself with as many people as I can possibly reach. I hope someone will read them! And try them out!

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