Persian Recipes Made Simple

This blog is a collection of Persian recipes, incredible flavours, visually stunning food & stories. As you journey through, you will learn about the delicate herbs and spices used in both modern and traditional Persian cookery and the secret ingredient ‘time’. You can expect to find flavours ranging from the smoky woody notes of cardamom to the delicate flavours of Saffron and everything in between.

Our Food

We don’t just make food. We make people’s experience. I believe that food is special and should be enjoyed and shared with friends and family.

A self-taught cook and Persian enthusiast, I have a passion for bringing Persian and Middle Eastern recipes into people’s homes all the while showing how accessible and delicious it is.

Being Persian/English, growing up, all our social gatherings revolved around food and conversation and this is a tradition that I have taken and shared with my family and friends to this day.

 What better way to nourish your soul than to feed it with beautiful flavours, vibrant colours and fragrant aroma’s.

I strive to source the best local ingredients and prepare everything by hand in these Persian recipes, in my own little kitchen.


Supper Clubs

My aim with these is to cook for people who I don’t know. To bring the food of my heritage that I am so passionate about to as many people as I can reach whilst at the same time having fun in the kitchen which is my favourite place to be. All of my ingredients are fresh and every single element will be prepared and cooked by me from scratch. The main flavour notes you can expect to taste at my events are Saffron, Sumac, Lime, Cardamom, Rose, Turmeric and more!

The next Supper Club is at:

Persian Cooking Classes

In collaboration with Perry’s Field to Fork and their amazing Artisan Cookery School, I shall be running Persian Cooking classes.

The day will appeal to keen cooking enthusiasts and those looking to improve their knowledge and skills to create delicious tasting and presented food. It will be a wonderful experience and you will learn about creating beautiful food from quality ingredients. You’ll meet new people and enjoy the hospitality of the Perrys Field to Fork team. You’ll be sitting down to eat the dishes you have cooked with the rest of the course participants. It’s a great chance to share your cooking experiences, learn some Persian recipes, not to mention some great food and drink.

Private Dining

Contact us for private dining enquiries or special event catering.

What My Guests Say

Beautiful food – I’m still dreaming about it, especially the potato lavash, the hummus, the chicken, the tahdig, everything! Don’t even get me started on the handmade rose chocolate truffles. Thank you to Becks, such a talented and lovely lady. Can’t wait until the next one!’

Sylvia Rice

Sensational, imaginative food, beautifully presented.

Alexia Gharagozlou

Our Favourite Persian Recipes

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    So, here we are again, lockdown V3, staying at home to protect the vulnerable and our NHS. I wonder, will we do it differently this time? Or will we find our days are merging into one, punctuated only by mealtimes, food and what bottle of wine to open?
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    If you are looking for a shakshuka recipe, look no further!

Get in Touch

Don’t forget, I also do private events and ‘in-home dining’ so if you are interested in either of those, or have any questions, please reach out to me at:


Phone: 07557272112

Love, Becks x