This blog is a collection of recipes, incredible flavours, visually stunning food & stories inspired by Persia. As you journey through, you will learn about the delicate herbs and spices used in both modern and traditional Persian cookery and the secret ingredient ‘time’. You can expect to find flavours ranging from the smoky woody notes of cardamom to the delicate flavours of Saffron and everything in between.

I was born in Coventry to an Iranian Father and English Mother. A self-taught cook and Persian enthusiast, I have a passion for bringing Persian and Middle Eastern food into people’s homes all the while showing how accessible and delicious it is.

I host regular successful Shropshire Supper Clubs and Pop Ups and my first book, ‘My Little Persian Kitchen’ is due out in 2020!!! Eek! I can’t wait!

Being Persian/English, growing up, all our social gatherings revolved around food and conversation and this is a tradition that I have taken and shared with my family and friends to this day. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by so many different flavours, colours and aromas with my senses being delighted daily and thus grew my absolute love and obsession with food.

In a society where everything is so fast paced and everyone is so focussed on instant gratification and keeping up with the Jones’, from instant messaging & same day deliveries to social media dominating a vast proportion of our waking hours, cooking and enjoying delicious well prepared food with my favourite people, retains for me a comforting reassurance that some traditions can be preserved. What better way to nourish your soul than to feed it with beautiful flavours, vibrant colours and fragrant aroma’s.

I hope you enjoy trying them all as much as I have.

Don’t forget, I also do private events and ‘in-home dining’ so if you are interested in either of those, or have any questions, please reach out to me at mylittlepersiankitchen@gmail.com

Love, Becks x



Here’s what some of my guests have to say….


‘Sensational, imaginative food, beautifully presented.’


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